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Retreat 20 10th Annual Retreat.


North Tenneha Church of Christ
1701 N Tenneha Ave 75702 Tyler United States
Celebrating 10 years of our young ladies ministry, we will start our annual retreat off with the following:

Captured and Crowned Devotional & Spiritual Soiree
Bible Sessions and Panel Discussion

Speakers: Retreat Volunteers, Retreat 20 Graduates, and the Ministry Committee.

o “Your Secret is Safe” Ecclesiastes 12:14

o “Hand Picked Designer Labeled: That’s
You!” - Isaiah 43

o “Body Talk: Temple Worship”
Psalms 139:14

o “How to Forgive the Big Stuff?”
Luke 23:34

*Dinner will be served!

The Captured and Crowned devotional helps women and girls identify their inner beauty and Christ-centered value, whether your life is in transition or you are recovering from abuse, trauma, or other life-altering events. Each devotional is designed to instill a sense of esteem based on spiritual principles using God’s word.

**Source: Paula McDade uses her personal experience, testimonies and sisterly wisdom to start you on a journey toward self-discovery and healing.